Our Handmade Wedding Favors

What are the perfect wedding favors? I’ve been to weddings where favors are as simple as photo booth pictures or a box of matches. The extent of how personalized and original you want your favors are all definitely up to you: time, effort, money, all plays a role. As you may know, when we were planning our wedding I wanted as much of its elements as personalized and handmade as possible. When your background comes from the arts, you want to make things. And our favors were not any different.

While planning out our wedding favors, I wanted it to be somehow useful and meaningful. For those who know me personally, my favorite holiday is Christmas. So I went through my endless craft supplies and brainstormed of what I can make. And eureka! A (Christmas) ornament.


  • wood chip disks
  • eyepins (they’re used for jewelry making)
  • charms with flat back
  • string
  • tweezer
  • ribbons
  • strong glue/adhesive

It was pretty simple to put the ornament together. I had tied a ribbon on all the charms since they all have a loop. The ribbon colors are all pertaining to our wedding colors (peridot, lavender, silvery blue, and amethyst). Using tweezers, I put glue at the back of a charm and placed it in the middle of the wood disk. Since the charms are a wee bit small, quarter of an inch big, it’s easier to handle them with tweezers and the same time not get glue on my fingertips. After they’re all been glued to the wood chips, let it dry, I start cutting strings that will be used to hang the ornament with.


At the back of the disks, we glue the eye pins at the middle, letting the loop part stick out. Once the pin is set, tie the pre-cut string. With the glue and the pin very bare at the back, I feel like I need to cover it with something. So, I printed a little sticker with our monogram and wedding date and stuck it at the back to cover the bare dried glue.


The ornament is done but I can’t possibly just hand them out like that. I treated it as an ornament and so a packaging or a holder of some sort is needed. Card stock squares and smaller patterned papers (again, on wedding colors) were glued together. Cut two slanted lines up top to secure the ornament’s string. At the back, the string will stick out and move around. So I just taped the hanging string at the back of the holder.

We wanted to be specific that they’re ornaments and Christmas ornament to be exact. Thought it would be fun to create a rhyme stating what it can be used as. This was printed on the patterned paper piece of the packaging. My husband is very good at words and loves the art of rhyme, he came up with this:

“Crafted with great love and joy
Use it as an ornament or a toy
Perfect for your Christmas tree in all its glory
We thank you for being part of our story!”


Since our wedding was on late September, we thought a Christmas ornament is good little piece of remembrance from our special day. Besides from an ornament, our guests also took another favor, although it’s not specific that it is because it’s their placement cards. Handwritten in modern calligraphy by yours truly. Which I will share in the next wedding post! 🙂

I’ve mentioned over and over again that details are everything. BUT, you also have to gauge how much time you have and monetary allowance. DIY can save you money, but in exchange it can be time consuming. If time is short, I suggest pick one or two elements of your wedding to personalize and highlight. Yes the whole wedding day is the highlight, the couple is the highlight, but it doesn’t hurt to leave your guests a good impression on how the wedding speaks ‘You’.

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