Gathering Creative Ideas for a DIY Wedding Ring Holder

There will be times when you’re in the middle of your DIY wedding planning, where you’ll stumble upon a mental block. While many sites out there give you ideas and examples on how to make your own ____ (fill in with almost anything), they can also cause idea clutter because it makes it hard to decide what you want. Or you just cannot make yourself like any of them. So, you have to result to really digging in your creative side.

When I was planning on the handmade elements for our wedding, I also encountered a creative block. I am not really a big fan of using Pinterest for craft ideas simply because I feel like it hinders my creative process. By no means, it is a great site for inspiration, ideas, and exposure. But personally, it did not help me. There are many other resources you can find inspirations from: I had looked around of what materials we have used so far. Our locations. Colors. Reviewed the feel and look of what we wanted. Craft idea magazines and books (not necessarily all wedding related). Vintage and antique shops. And of course, your friends are always there to help you out, to bounce ideas with.

Quick DIY tip: always look outside the box when looking for inspirations. Try not to constrain yourself with only wedding related photos and articles. I truly believe it will help your ideas and thought process away from the usual and common.

One example of a creative obstacle I had was when I was trying to figure out how to make our own ring bearer ‘pillow.’ My husband and I had a Catholic ceremony. This piece was the one where our wedding rings will be placed on and carried with down the aisle and to be presented to our priest for blessing. Usually it is placed on a small white, lacey pillow. So maybe having it on a wood is a little unconventional.

Our very own garden inspired ring holder.
Our very own garden inspired ring holder.

What I had wanted was a piece we can use again after the wedding. After many deliberations with my creative self and the many ideas I came up with, I ended up with a heart shaped wood covered with ivy leaves. The garden/leafy idea inspiration was from our wedding reception location, the Descanso Gardens.

How I made our ring holder

  • heart shaped wood (or your choice of shape)
  • plastic ivy leaves bunch
  • scissors
  • craft glue (or wood glue) and glue gun
  • small but short nail and hammer
  • ribbon (perhaps a color matching your wedding theme)

Cut leaves off, close to the leaf base as possible. Hammer in your nail in the center but a little higher than the middle. Reason is when you tie the ribbon around it, the rings will dangle down the ribbon, placing the rings in the middle. Start laying the leaves on the wood. Play around with the leaf shapes and try to cover the wood as much as you can while retaining the shape. When you have and idea how you want the leaves, start gluing.


If you’re a little impatient when it comes to glue drying, use a glue gun. But keep the glue strands off the leaves. When done, tie the ribbon. Voila! But, in addition I nailed a wooden disk on top of the leafy bed to make the ring more prominent (or any piece of fabric, lace, or skip this part altogether). What I also liked about this was the size; it’s perfect for a five year old itty bitty hands who carried it with his two hands. The wood shape was approximately 5” x 5”.




I think it came out how I had envisioned it. It secured the rings, served its purpose and more, and stayed in our wedding theme. Just remember when you start having creative blocks, just move forward to your next in line in your to-do list. Step away from the project at hand and you can come back to it again after you’ve given your mindset a reset. And sometimes, while you’re in the middle of other projects or just not doing anything, and idea will pop up! You won’t believe what your creative mind is capable of.

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