Traveling to Paris: Part 2

Lets continue with tips for your Parisian adventure! While some of these tips can be applied to most of European trips, these are for sure in my opinion helped us during our almost two weeks stay in Paris. One concern we had while planning our European honeymoon was cellphone service. Travel tip: If you can add a temporary international roaming service bundle, it might come in handy. We were sure glad we had it. I have AT&T as phone carrier here in US, and I added a one time travel bundle (this is for 30 days). They have different ranges of prices depending on data allowance and the discount on roaming calls. Our signal in Paris was pretty good. Italy was good. Spain not so much to none.

There are ways to prep your trips to the places you want to see in Paris. Besides from researching where and what you want to do, you have to plan it on a map. Since you’ll be a newbie in this amazing city, admit mentally that you may find yourself confuse of where to go.

Paris tip #3: Download the Ulmon app available on Apple iOS and Google Play before leaving your home country. This is a map that uses GPS instead of data, so save that data for emergency! Get the specific city map you need, Paris, and first thing to do is map your rental/apartment/hotel. Then move on to the places you wanted to see. The major attractions are basically highlighted on the map already, but for others (i.e. cafe and bookshops), it needed to be searched. Important: the very first chance you can connect to a wifi, do so and open this app. This gives the map a ‘go live’, otherwise it will not work. So once you turn off your data and start using this, you’ll be able to see your current location and start gathering directions.



Paris tip #4: Download the RATP app available on Apple iOS and Google Play. This is the Metro system of Paris. Very easy to use and the app is free! This one requires data unless you’re connected to wifi. So at times when you’re still at your hotel or apartment planning your day, you can search the times of your route and screen shot them. As the picture depicted, you can set the time later or earlier departure. It gives you how far of a walk to your next nearby metro entrance or bus stop. You can read more about their Metro system at the RATP website.



Do try the Metro system. There will be days you just want to walk around and enjoy the city, and there will be days that you don’t want to walk for 20 mins or just want to get home fast because it’s the end of the day. The Metro is your answer. Granted it can be overwhelming because you don’t know which platform is which, the direction, location, entrance, etc. (trust me, my husband and I had a few back-and-forth decisions in the beginning), but it will get easy as you go.

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