You Must Try Cochon Butcher in New Orleans

New Orleans is one of a kind city. It has so much character, life, spirit (dead and the undead), and food with soul. Our first time there was a mix of business and pleasure, but it was not short of food adventures! The state itself is still in the process of rebuilding and oh boy, they’re doing an amazing job! It’s a long process, but locals are nothing but positive and has the joie de vivre way of living.

We love sandwiches, who doesn’t!? We love cocktails too! And you’d be crazy if you don’t. And let me tell you, I’ve had some of the amazing cocktails in New Orleans!! I can rave about it for hours but one place that has both scrumptious sandwiches and libation is the Cochon Butcher. They use locally-sourced meats and produce as well as in-house cured meats too. You will NOT regret coming here!

This in my glass was the Rockin Rebel. If you want something smooth that sneaks up on you, get this.


Introducing Cochon Muffaletta. Oh my word!

Tip: muffaletta is something you MUST try while in NOLA. It’s a type of round bread brought over by Sicilian immigrants and a popular Italian sandwich all over NOLA. Meat’s locally source in the farms of Louisiana. And this will make you fall in love with pork all over again.

Hello there, Cajun Pork Dog. You are out of this world! If you have tastebuds that love textures, great meat, yummy sauce, TRY this!

Experience NOLA for yourself. A big party city filled with drinks that can fill you up for days, it’s a must place to go. Not to mention the friendly locals, oysters for days, and all the odds and curiosities your heart desire.

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