Venice, Italy: A Honeymoon Destination

If you’re looking into Italy as your honeymoon destination, a big thumbs up to you. One HUGE advantage of traveling within Europe is their train system. Visiting a couple of cities in Italy during your stay is very much possible without a problem. One of our stops in our European honeymoon was Venice. And I highly recommend this romantic and intimate city.

View from the St. Marks Square.

It was the month of December (specifically end of the year) ’till early January when we arrived at Venice from Florence, a 2 hour train ride with italo train. Once you’re at the train station or airport, you must take a specific public water taxi that goes to multiple stops all over the city. Quick tip: at night, certain route for certain water taxis doesn’t complete the route they normally do. This is because on some days and certain times, they have limited stops. Therefore, you may be forced to get off at a stop a couple short of where you need to be. So you have to walk. With luggages at night, during our first day in Venice, we haul our stuff with us, through the cobbled stones ground. And wow, we were tired! Not to mention we got lost a little.

Venice is a very unique city. Surrounded with water and structures built way back before our time, it certainly is a must see in Italy. I think it’s the alleyways and the meandering pathways that personally, I feel makes this city very intimate. You can be among crowds in one second but you just walk a little, you’ll find yourself alone in a quaint street. And in between your walk there’s always a mini bridge to cross over water. Quick tip: don’t be afraid to get lost, actually it’s easy to get lost here. Your phone map may not catch every street and your reception may go in and out because you’ll always be in between walls and walls of buildings. This city is fairly small. So take your time and enjoy the buildings and the character is holds, you’ll be mesmerized. With the biggest and major plaza, the St. Marks Square (or Piazza San Marco in Italian), you’ll find many congregate, as people meet friends, eat and drink under the blue sky. It’s a huge space with so much to do and so much to see, not to mention the photogenic structures surrounding you.


One request my husband wanted to do was to ride a gondola. It was not that cheap but how often do you get to ride a gondola thru the Venice canals, in Italy? Bathe in the sun, enjoy the view of the city from below, while you cuddle with your loved one.

A very well decorated gondola we had. The thumping of the boat against the water made this a fun ride. But it is the view of the city from below that's the highlight of it all.
The thumping of the boat against the water made this a fun ride. But it is the view of the city from below that’s the highlight of it all.

Then you have the amazing Venetian food; when it comes to food it requires its own post. BUT quick food tip: Venice is known for risotto. The best risotto we’ve ever had, hands down. Try to pick a place known for their risotto. If their menu consists of three pages with all food imaginable, it may be wise to not get it there. Better yet, not eat there altogether. Choices are everywhere, and honestly a restaurant may cater more to tourists, and due to our adventurous palate, we still dined there. And they’re still good. It’s the style of cooking and taste that you will not get again going back home. So wander around and enjoy.

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