Taste Florence at Mangiafoco Caffè

Florence, Italy was raining when we arrived at the Stazione Santa Maria Novella. But it’s the type of rain that no umbrella or poncho can’t take. Florence was the first stop in Italy for our European honeymoon. While waiting for our appointment with our Airbnb host, we stumbled upon Mangiafoco Firenze, a wine bar and a restaurant. This was literally a minute walk away from our apartment and my husband and I agreed, we will come back here after our first time eating here. So we had these…

Italian soups are generally thick. They’re basically a meal on its own. We were used to brothy, creamy, and less stuffed soups, and after this we learned that Italian soups are filling. The flavor was complex but not overpowering. I can see myself making this as a comfort soup if I grew up with it.

Zuppa! Perfect for rainy and cold times.

Smoked swordfish was so clean and fresh. The touch of citrus was my favorite, I’ve never had smoked fish with any citrus fruits before. And I definitely took this idea home, I now add citrus fruits with our smoked fish dishes.

Carpaccio di Pesce Spada con rucola in salsa di agrumi e pepe rosa (Swordfish carpaccio with rocket in citrus sauce and pink pepper)

The staff at Mangiafoco are very warm and nice. They will guide you on their menu and share their knowledge on their vast choices of wine! You’re in Italy, drink up!

I believe he’s one of the owners. And look at those meat hanging behind him! Must try!!


No failed choices here.


My oh my! The meats, the cheeses, the honey, the jam, the wine. Perfection!

Our second time at Mangiafoco, we had their charcuterie platter. You MUST try it. They are known for their cured meats and the amazing cheeses they offer. I love love the truffle honey! And again pair it their suggested wine; you and your friend will just get lost with the flavors as they meld together. Taste Florence and live it for the short amount of time you’re there. It’ll be memorable, I promise.

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