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Our Handmade Wedding Favors

What are the perfect wedding favors? I’ve been to weddings where favors are as simple as photo booth pictures or a box of matches. The extent of how personalized and original you want your favors are all definitely up to you: time, effort, money, all plays a role. As you may know, when we were […]

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Taste Florence at Mangiafoco Caffè

Florence, Italy was raining when we arrived at the Stazione Santa Maria Novella. But it’s the type of rain that no umbrella or poncho can’t take. Florence was the first stop in Italy for our European honeymoon. While waiting for our appointment with our Airbnb host, we stumbled upon Mangiafoco Firenze, a wine bar and a restaurant. This […]

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Traveling to Paris: Part 2

Lets continue with tips for your Parisian adventure! While some of these tips can be applied to most of European trips, these are for sure in my opinion helped us during our almost two weeks stay in Paris. One concern we had while planning our European honeymoon was cellphone service. Travel tip: If you can add […]

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